Dog Photography in London | Tally the Westie

Dog Photography in London – West Highland White Terrier.

Tally’s owner Carol owns the newly opened local Tally’s Pet Boutique in Balham, and we’ve been getting to know each other a bit over the last few months. The shop has everything the discerning pet, and particularly dog owner might want, from designer dog collars and coats, to bake at home dog biscuits and premium pet foods.

In the shop’s basement is Andrew the dog-groomer, who had done a great job  trimming 7 year old Tally to look gorgeous for her Dog Photography Session – pity then, that we headed straight over into the deep mud of Streatham Common :-). Actually, I’m not sorry at all! Tally had a great time, and I love the look of her with her dark booties on. Although she did look a little sheepish at the end: “Sorry mum, things got a bit messy!”.

Photograph featuring West Highland White Terrier

Photo of West Highland White Terrier with dirty paws

Photo of Westie  with dirty paws

Westie PhotoBone Idol Dog Photography

Westie on muddy lawn

Westie chewing on a stick

West Highland White Terrier Photograph

West Highland White Terrier Photography

Westie jumping over logMuddy paws on West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier Dog Photography

Streatham Hill Dog Photographer

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