Red Dachshund Photographs by Bone Idol Dog Photography | Wilson

Since starting Bone Idol Dog Photography, I’m just having the most fun with all my new four legged friends.

For our session with Wilson the Red Dachshund, we were due to start at 8am to try and get in before the full sunshine hit during this amazingly lovely and hot summer, but in the end the sun was already so high by 7:30 that going out into the open, exposed expanses of the local park became pointless. It was just too bright. So we stayed entirely in Wilson’s backyard where we had a bit of shade, and he didn’t seem to mind. He did plenty of running around after his ball, so he wasn’t short of exercise, and it’s fair to say he likes his treats as reward.

In fact, he’s got his owner Ann so well trained, that he gets treats even when he HASN’T quite done what was asked of him, which made me laugh. So, like most Dackies, Wilson has opinions of his own about following commands, and whilst he likes a treat as much as, or more than, the next doggie, I’m not sure they were really helping in the disciplinary process!

Anyway, here he is, a TRUE Red Dachshund, which is not that common, as many “reds” end up being much more “brown”.

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