Professional Dog Portrait Photographer in South London | Staszek

You don’t have to be a pedigree hound to enjoy a dog portrait session with a Professional Dog Portrait Photographer like Bone Idol Dog Photography. I know I’m not hurting anyone’s feeling if I say that loveable rogue Staszek (pronounced Stashek – polish for “Stanley”) won’t be winning Crufts any time soon! His heritage is somewhat unidentifiable, although we suspect some kind of wolfhound might have been involved, given the lion-esque mane around his neck. But that doesn’t make this big gentle lump of fur any less soppy, loving and adorable! And every dog should have chance to become a Bone Idol with his own canine portrait with a professional dog portrait photographer.

Having found that recent early morning sessions had too much direct sun, we tried a different approach with Staszek’s shoot and went for the late afternoon/early evening soft warm sun instead, and I love the effect we got.

Sadly, somewhere in Staszek’s rescue dog past there are some ruff (geddit?.. sorry!) experiences with other big dogs, so we had to keep the harness on him just in case any other dogs came along as, whilst Staszek loves people, he’s not so keen on his 4 legged buddies. Especially, when they’re as big as he is.

Staszek is a pretty smart cookie, too! Whilst we were trying to get him to jump through the high grass to get from one side of the field to the other, he very quickly worked out that it was one heck of a lot easier to go sprinting around the outside, even thought that was the longer route. No flies on this happy hound!

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